NDI Regional Political Party Integrity Program supports political parties in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia, and Serbia, in developing internal integrity mechanisms. This work targets accountability and transparency gaps in political parties and institutionalizes internal processes intended to demonstrate those values to the public. The assistance includes the organization of regional working groups for parties of similar ideological foundations to exchange experiences and practices in strengthening internal integrity mechanisms, as well as targeted in-country follow up assistance to individual parties in pursuing the identified reforms. NDI’s approach centers on promoting ownership of the internal reform process by working directly with participating parties in pursuing reform agendas and engaging experts from across Europe with relevant expertise.

Integrity Matters!

While countries in southeast Europe have made progress in modernizing their democratic institutions to be more in line with European standards, public opinion research across the region has demonstrated that citizens are growing increasingly disaffected with political parties. Political parties consistently rank among the least trusted democratic institutions, with most citizens indicating they perceive political parties as corrupt. This poor perception of political parties transcends to other political actors and institutions, resulting in an overall skepticism towards democracy. While strategies exist to induce political party compliance to integrity norms and standards, these measures rely on external monitoring by government bodies and civic organizations. These measures are necessary, but ultimately insufficient, as the monitoring bodies do not command the required authority over political parties. 

Integrity Matters!

What is the Integrity Audit?

Political party integrity audit tool is a practical, online self-assessment resource to guide political parties from southeastern Europe in identifying challenges and opportunities for increasing internal integrity-related mechanisms and practices. The assessment helps parties in strategic action planning in this regard. The audit will not only support the development of the internal party strategies to promote political integrity, but will also encourage development of sensitivity towards core principles of political integrity throughout its organizational environment, including headquarters and local party branches promoted by its members and public officeholders. 

In the Integrity Audit section, representatives of political parties are able to take the questionnaire and automatically receive the feedback including recommendations aimed to help parties to address identified gaps. The questionnaire consists of 5 sections covering key areas of political parties’ integrity.

How We Work

How We Work

NDI Regional Political Party Integrity Program is convening representatives from political parties across the region for in-person and online skills-building sessions to increase their capacities to carry out internal party integrity reforms, such as those to political finance transparency, candidate selection criteria, and the participation of marginalized groups in party decision making. The task forces are divided into three groups based on ideological affiliation (conservative, liberal, and social democratic parties) to ensure open information sharing and conversations rooted in a common set of values and policy priorities. 

Also, NDI Regional Political Party Integrity Program provides targeted assistance to political parties in all seven program countries. This assistance includes insight from regional experts and exposure to best practices and case studies from other European political parties on identified areas.  

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