Political Integrity Tool Kit

NDI’s Regional Integrity Initiative in SEE created this toolkit to disseminate knowledge and experience generated throughout the program. By working directly with political parties, supporting them to rethink own integrity gaps and deficits and to address them, the Initiative significantly contributed to the body of knowledge in the area of political integrity. This toolkit is an effective mechanism to expand and scale up such knowledge. It is designed for political parties and it can be used by party activists, practitioners, trainers and anyone else who plan to organize and deliver training sessions related to various aspects of political integrity.

Political Integrity Tool Kit contains a total of seven sections that cover key political integrity areas: Candidate Selection, Party Finance, Inclusion, Oversight and Compliance etc. Each section includes detailed Training Manual and Training Outline, allowing anyone with basic experience in delivering training sessions to conduct effective political integrity trainings within political parties.

In the dynamic landscape of contemporary politics, the issue of corruption remains a persistent challenge that threatens the very fabric of our democracies.

Training manual about Codes of Conduct / Codes of Ethics for political parties

How to attract and manage talents in modern political parties?

Why Does the Culture of Dialogue and Argument - based Debate Still Matter?

To limit political corruption, state regulation needs to be accompanied by effective internal oversight and compliance strategies that political parties need to develop and strongly commit to implemen...

Political parties need to create transparent and accountable finance systems to enhance own integrity and increase public trust in the political processes.

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