Case Studies

This section will look at exciting examples of how integrity issues might arise in political parties, how they might be identified and how they might be resolved. Also, it will provide examples from around the globe of how various integrity-related interventions and reforms have positively impacted the overall performance of political parties. It will be a way of 'hearing' about the range of exciting activities undertaken by political parties globally and challenges and opportunities they are facing with.


Improving Party Structures in Morocco

In Morocco, the Popular Movement (MP) and Constitutional Union (UC) parties initiated and implemented measures to increase the roles and responsibilities of their regional branches, which would enable...

22nd December 2020.

Improving Organizational Culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Social Democratic Party launched an extensive consultative process to develop a code of ethics, involving various party structures. The process resulted in the new docum...

22nd December 2020.
soiuth aftica

Promoting Gender Inclusion in South Africa

In South Africa, the African National Congress’ (ANC) Women’s League (ANCWL) was involved in key leadership positions early in the country’s and the party’s transformation in the 1990s. This early ris...

22nd December 2020.

Undergoing Candidate Vetting in El Salvador and Costa Rica

In El Salvador, the Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) party’s national electoral commission issues instructions explaining the requirements for candidate registration. Requirements include lette...

22nd December 2020.

Financial Disclosure and Transparency in India and Spain

In part because of the youth of its members, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in India has made significant use of tech to improve outreach and transparency in management of party finances. A main feature of...

22nd December 2020.
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