Integrity Talks #1

Integrity Talks #1: 'Political Ethics' Really a Thing, or Basically an Oxymoron? Featuring Professor Čedomir Čupić

In the thought-provoking interview, "Political Ethics: Really a Thing, or Basically an Oxymoron", esteemed professor Cedomir Cupic delves into the depths of the contentious relationship between ethics and politics. He articulately explores the struggle of morality within the realm of political strategy and competition, elucidating the intricate dynamics that often paint politics as being in stark opposition to ethical norms. By dissecting these issues, Professor Cupic casts a necessary spotlight on the importance of integrating ethical behavior and transparency into political practice, calling for a paradigm shift that sees political ethics not as an oxymoron, but as a pivotal component of a well-functioning democracy.

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