NDI Facilitates Regional Conference for South-East European Green Parties in Sarajevo

7th July 2023.

A regional conference for Green parties from South-East Europe was recently organized by NDI in Sarajevo, from March 24-26, 2023. The conference provided a platform for the parties to identify and prioritize crucial issues they face beyond environmental concerns. The goal was to strategize around topics that will contribute to peace, promote prosperity, and strengthen democratic institutions in the region.

During the conference, Green party leaders signed a historic declaration and held a press conference, where they pledged to work towards "100 years of peace" in the region. Participants deliberated over several pressing policy aspects from their perspective, such as New Security Challenges, Rule of Law, Fight Against Corruption, Renewable Energy Transition, and Environmental Protection. The conference also addressed the position and roles of women and youth in their societies.

This conference marked an important milestone for the region's Green parties, showcasing their commitment to broader socio-political issues alongside their central environmental agenda.

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