Successful Study Trip to The Hague of NDI’s Regional Anti-Corruption and Party Finance Academy Delegates

22nd March 2024.

Participants of the NDI’s Regional Anti-Corruption and Party Finance Academy have recently returned from an enlightening four-day study trip to The Hague, Netherlands, which took place from July 2 to 5, 2023.

The participants, representatives from various South-East European parties, kicked off their journey on the first day with a roundtable discussion. They joined the Foundation Max van der Stoel, International IDEA, and VVD - People's Party for Freedom and Democracy, where they explored the essentials of codes of conduct in online campaigning and the innovative mechanisms that Dutch parties implement to combat political corruption.

As the study trip continued, the delegates were grouped on the second day according to their political ideologies (social democrats, liberals, and center-right). They visited their corresponding sister parties and affiliated foundations, immersing themselves in the local practices used in the Netherlands to curb corruption and enhance transparency and accountability.

Co-organized with the Eduardo Frei Foundation, this study visit provided an excellent platform for regional networking and cross-ideology dialogue. It presented the delegates with an opportunity to connect, exchange insights, and learn from one another, thus fostering a deeper understanding of the diverse political landscapes they represent.

The success of this study trip signals a significant step towards enhancing dialogue, promoting transparency, and combating corruption across the region.

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