What is the Integrity Audit?

Political party integrity audit tool is a practical, online self-assessment resource to guide political parties from southeastern Europe in identifying challenges and opportunities for increasing internal integrity-related mechanisms and practices. The assessment helps parties in strategic action planning in this regard. The audit will not only support the development of the internal party strategies to promote political integrity, but will also encourage development of sensitivity towards core principles of political integrity throughout its organizational environment, including headquarters and local party branches promoted by its members and public officeholders. 

In the Integrity Audit section, representatives of political parties are able to take the questionnaire and automatically receive the feedback including recommendations aimed to help parties to address identified gaps. The questionnaire consists of 5 sections covering key areas of political parties’ integrity.

We sat down with Ms. Khushbu Agrawal, Programme Officer at International IDEA, to discuss why transparency in political finance is critical for democracy. Stay tuned!

Integrity Talks #2: What is Hate Speech, and How can Politicians Put a Lid on it? Featuring Prof. Dr. Lejla Turčilo

Integrity Talks #1: 'Political Ethics' Really a Thing, or Basically an Oxymoron? Featuring Professor Čedomir Čupić


Improving Party Structures in Morocco

In Morocco, the Popular Movement (MP) and Constitutional Union (UC) parties initiated and implemented measures to increase the roles and responsibilities of their regional branches, which would enable...

22nd December 2020.

Improving Organizational Culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Social Democratic Party launched an extensive consultative process to develop a code of ethics, involving various party structures. The process resulted in the new docum...

22nd December 2020.
soiuth aftica

Promoting Gender Inclusion in South Africa

In South Africa, the African National Congress’ (ANC) Women’s League (ANCWL) was involved in key leadership positions early in the country’s and the party’s transformation in the 1990s. This early ris...

22nd December 2020.

Democracy Needs Democrats

The study about the role of political foundations in the democratic development of the Western Balkans

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political foundation
party foundation
Inclusion and Diversity



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Ethics and Personal Integrity Area

UK Labour Party Social Media Policy

The UK Labour Party Social Media Policy provides comprehensive guidelines for party members on respectful online communication.

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political party

Nikola Vučić - Critique of Toxic Masculinity

Speech of Nikola Vučić

4th November 2022.

Ophelia's Story

Check this interesting essay written by RPI Director Ana Radičević on psychological violence against women

4th November 2022.

Perspectives: Violence Against women in Politics

Ana Radičević, director of the NDI's Regional Political Party Integrity program in SEE wrote the article about the Violence Against women in Politics for the Heinrich Böll Foundation's newsletter Per...

4th November 2022.

In the dynamic landscape of contemporary politics, the issue of corruption remains a persistent challenge that threatens the very fabric of our democracies.

Training manual about Codes of Conduct / Codes of Ethics for political parties

How to attract and manage talents in modern political parties?

Why Does the Culture of Dialogue and Argument - based Debate Still Matter?

Mechanisms to Curb Political Corruption

Mechanisms to Curb Political Corruption

The fight against corruption represents a fundamental commitment of every democratic society. As the primary enemy of democracy, corruption obliges all social participants, especially political entiti...

25th October 2023.
Tanja Cakić
Montenegro - ensuring the transparency of spending money and empowering women - a good example from practice

Montenegro - ensuring the transparency of spending money and empowering women - a good example from practice

In Montenegro, the Law on the Financing of Political Entities and Election Campaigns provides funds for financing the regular work of women's organizations in political entities, which are represented...

6th September 2023.
Emil Durumbašić
Corruption in political parties

Corruption in political parties

Corruption is one of the greatest challenges to the rule of law, opportunities and the lives of people in the Western Balkans. It is cause and the consequence of the culture of crime that permeates...

5th September 2023.
Ferida Custovic
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